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Is Rand Paul Right About The Hawks And ISIS?

Senator Rand Paul, one of the fifteen thousand dozen candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination, caused some waves with a statement regarding the foundation of the terrorist organization ISIS. This statement accused the Republican Party’s warhawks for the founding of the terrorist organization that is continuing to pose a significant threat globally. Senator Paul’s […]

Lindsey Graham Is Right

The controversial United States Senator who is one of the most aggressive warhawks in Congress is running for President. Senator Lindsey Graham has said he will be running because “the world is falling apart.” Let’s face it, and it was a great pain for me to say these four words consecutively, but it’s true: Lindsey […]

Constitutional Carry Is Gaining Momentum

As previously noted previously in Undercover Porcupine, Constitutional Carry is back for consideration before the Maine Legislature. Since that first article a week ago, sponsor Senator Eric Brakey has provided a clearer picture of where things stand. In a post titled “Is Your Representative Supporting Constitutional Carry?” on his official website, Senator Brakey provided the […]