Monthly Archives: April 2016

Is DHHS right to oppose federal biometric requirement in defense of civil liberties?

Battles with the federal government are not foreign for the LePage Administration, which has opposed federal requirements and taken stances against the Obama Administration numerous times in the past. It represents a partisan struggle against Democrats, but also a philosophical struggle between federal power and state rights. Now we have another instance of conflict. As […]

Senator Ted Cruz affair allegations resurrect debate over politicians and personal affairs

Allegations have broken in the last week regarding Senator Ted Cruz having an affair with at least five different women, and it has brought the already heated race to a new level of negativity. The timing has raised eyebrows, given a Super PAC supporting Senator Cruz attacked Donald Trump’s wife for some racy pictures and […]

Why the Republican Party is setting itself up for failure with Supreme Court battle

The Republican Party’s delicate situation is well documented at this point. The frontrunner was supposed to be former Governor Jeb Bush or maybe even Senator Marco Rubio, both hawkish neoconservatives with an affinity for the police state. Instead, the Party is facing a crisis where the frontrunner is controversial businessman Donald Trump and the only […]

Governor Paul LePage picked wrong battle over the swearing in of Susan Deschambault

It’s certainly been a controversial time in office for Governor Paul LePage. It seems like every time you turn around, he’s said something that makes someone angry or offends some random group. In the age of being easily offended, Governor LePage doesn’t even have to try to rattle people’s cages. Some things are legitimate concerns […]

With Donald Trump comments, Olympia Snowe still doesn’t understand Republican problems

We get it at this point. Donald Trump is a scary guy and it’s politically cool in the Republican Party to hate the controversial businessman if you’re mainstream, moderate, or otherwise not on the hard right of the party. We’ve heard it from the Republican leaders and figureheads, media talking heads and writers, and otherwise […]