Will Troy Jackson Call For Obama Impeachment?

Every party establishment loves a good boy. This is true of any power establishment that prefers drones over logical freethinkers. Both the Republicans and Democrats have many of these people. It’s what keeps politics shallow and unproductive.

Recently, Troy Jackson proved he’s one of these reliable partisan hacks.

A U.S. Department of Labor investigation by a Democrat-dominant federal government has found Republican Governor Paul LePage’s administration may have misused and abused their position.

Democrats calling Republicans bad people and vice versa? Welcome to always shallow American politics.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Troy Jackson is a Democrat running for U.S. Congress. Again, it’s another case of a Democrat calling Republican a bad guy. Nothing new here.

Now to be clear, if there is something clearly corrupt here and Governor LePage is apart of the problem, impeachment should be apart of the discussion when approaching the issue. It should be concerning any politician, as we should hold all of our politicians accountable.

Here’s the problem though: Is Jackson’s impeachment call principled or political?

To answer this question, we will start with a simple civics lesson. Impeachment at the federal level starts in the House of Representatives, where Articles of Impeachment are brought. If the House moves forward with impeachment, the Senate will try it.

This is the same House of Representatives Troy Jackson is running to become elected to.

Now, it’s known that Governor Paul LePage’s foot fetish keeps his foot permanently lodged in his mouth, always tripping over his own blunt statements. But beyond this, he’s proven to be more thorough and transparent than many of the previous governors Maine has been cursed with.

This is not to say Governor LePage has been an incredible executive, he hasn’t been. But he’s not the worst. Furthermore, he’s certainly not even close to being as bad as President Barack Obama.

As President, Barack Obama has abused the Internal Revenue Service, using it to target specific groups in an obviously political campaign against the opposition. This is an incredible abuse of power by any executive and one that should not be tolerated.

Moving forward, there are also issues with civil rights. In an amazing shift from his time as a Democratic Senator under a Republican President, he now supports the PATRIOT Act and other abuses of power such as the indefinite detention powers under the National Defense Authorization Act. A massive spy program has been leaked to show the National Security Agency is out-of-control to a point that would even shock George Orwell.

Some programs began under the Republican predecessor, George W. Bush. This is why Barack Obama opposed them as Senator. Not because it was principled, but because it was political, hence his support for the powers now that they are his.

Now,er President Obama is even borrowing lines from the Bush Administration in assuring Americans they have nothing to worry about when it comes to these clearly unconstitutional expansions of power, just so long as they’re doing nothing wrong and aren’t with the terrorists.

With the exception of the I.R.S. issue, but moving forward.

Another complaint many Democrats such as then-Senator Obama had about Republican President Bush was the wide use of executive orders and the bypassing of Congress. Now as President, Obama enjoys running past Congress waving his pen and is proud in doing so.

Again, the complaints were political in nature, not principled.

How does this relate to Troy Jackson, Democratic candidate for Congress?

If Jackson actually has a backbone, he will stand up to President Obama. If he actually has principles, he would call for the impeachment of President Obama, who has abused his position far beyond any point Governor LePage could ever dream of reaching.

This hasn’t happened yet and the reason why is found in the details surrounding the cast of characters. Troy Jackson, candidate for Congress, is a Democrat. Barack Obama, President of the United States, is a Democrat. Paul LePage, Governor of Maine, is a Republican.

Partisanship is ruining this country. Maine and the rest of America deserve better than shallow politicians who are more concerned with their party than the people. Jackson is one of these people who should not see elected office and instead be sent home.

Chris Dixon

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