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Why Is Indebted Maine GOP Paying Their Own Chairman For Consulting?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: After this article was posted, new information came to light showing the Maine Ethics Commission’s reports incorrect. This is unfortunate, as various pieces of information in this article was based on information presented as correct by the Ethics Commission. I do not stand by statements made related to financial figures that are shown […]

Are Liberty Activists Defrauding Maine GOP?

In an interesting online exchange, Sabattus Town Republican Chair Paulee Willette claimed that libertarian activists are registering Republican to steal money from the party because they “can’t rub two nickels together.” The Facebook exchange began on an unrelated foreign policy post made by former Republican State Senator and Brakey For Senate campaign chair Lois Snowe […]

Tim Lajoie: Right To Restrict 2nd Amendment? No!

Tim Lajoie is a Republican candidate for Androscoggin County Sheriff. He is the former Lewiston City Republican Chair and ran in 2012 for the State Legislature. His candidacy was covered by Undercover Porcupine twice: “The Lajoie Campaign Standard” and “The High Road In Politics: Principles Over Party.” This editorial was originally posted on his official […]

Clash Of The Maine Political Titans: Medicaid Expansion Edition

Once again, a war broke out between major players in Maine politics over the topic of Medicaid expansion. This time, it occurred on the popular social media website Twitter Thursday night. The launch of the Maine Republican Party’s counterproductive Maine Madness brackets sparked some controversy by some targets, such as fellow Bangor Daily News blogger […]

Will Troy Jackson Call For Obama Impeachment?

Every party establishment loves a good boy. This is true of any power establishment that prefers drones over logical freethinkers. Both the Republicans and Democrats have many of these people. It’s what keeps politics shallow and unproductive. Recently, Troy Jackson proved he’s one of these reliable partisan hacks. A U.S. Department of Labor investigation by […]