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Chris Dixon is a libertarian-leaning activist who is State Coordinator of the Maine Tenth Amendment Center and former Androscoggin County co-coordinator for the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign. These thoughts are his own, and not on behalf of any organization he works for.

Senator Seeks Legislative Retribution Against Portland Business

Androscoggin County State Senator Eric Brakey of Auburn has announced he’s submitted legislation to address a growing controversy in Portland. The issue at hand is how a business handles parking on their private property. Senator Brakey, who calls himself a victim of parking company practices, has submitted emergency legislation to regulate parking companies in Portland […]

Is Rand Paul Right About The Hawks And ISIS?

Senator Rand Paul, one of the fifteen thousand dozen candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination, caused some waves with a statement regarding the foundation of the terrorist organization ISIS. This statement accused the Republican Party’s warhawks for the founding of the terrorist organization that is continuing to pose a significant threat globally. Senator Paul’s […]