Why taxpayer funded heroin addictions are a terrible idea

The drug epidemic here in Maine and across America is getting out of control. The result has been a rising social crisis and growing political battle over how to fight it. One proposal would take an interesting approach and has bipartisan support. The proposed legislation, introduced by Representative Michael Sylvester (D-Portland) and includes support from […]

Maine’s second congressional district isn’t buying what the left’s selling

The Democratic Party in recent months have made Town Hall trolling a tactic. For the Republicans who dare hold Town Halls, Democrats and liberal special interest groups flood the events with unruly and disruptive activists. For those who don’t hold Town Halls, attacking them for not doing so is the tactic. Congressman Bruce Poliquin recently […]

New extended video catches Maine Democrats in a lie over white suicide comments

Controversy broke out last week after Maine First Media released a recording showing Maine Democrats celebrating an increase in white male suicide. In the video, former State Senate candidate Richard Fochtmann was shown celebrating an increase in white men committing suicide. After he made the remarks, the crowd at the Maine Democratic Party’s Values and […]

Maine Democrats caught on video laughing at rising white suicide rates

Yesterday conservative news website Maine First Media dropped a bombshell recording from the Maine Democratic Party’s “Values and Vision” summit. The recording shows a speaker make light of the suicide rate among white people. While this is certainly alarming, the fact the crowd is laughing about the rise in people taking their own lives is […]

Maine Senate Democratic Whip Nate Libby is grateful for George W. Bush

Republican President Donald Trump has become a polarizing figure in American politics and for good reason. Whether one agrees or disagrees him, his style and proposals are beyond accepted political norms. It’s also triggered new lows on the left. From riots through Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day to repeated attempts to shut out supporters, liberals […]

Senator Angus King sides with neoconservatives against Chelsea Manning commutation

For a few years now, the debate over leaking secrets has been heavy in American politics. It first began with the actions of an Army Private First Class by the name of Bradley Manning, who leaked classified information and video footage exposing potential war crimes. Manning’s capture led to treatment that was labeled as torture […]

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree playing partisan politics by skipping inauguration

Despite many complaints of partisan gridlock and obstructionist tactics because of Republicans, Democrats are now preparing to play roadblock to the Republican Party. Armed with hyperbole and extreme rhetoric, they are escalating tensions as the opposing party prepares to inherit the White House. Up until tonight, the question remained as to whether Congresswoman Chellie Pingree […]