Emily Cain stages awkward photo op about your right to hunt

Could you imagine a life without food? One of the things we take for granted in our day to day lives is food. It is readily available in our cabinets, on our shelves, and in our refrigerators. If we need a product, we can drive to a convenience store or supermarket to pick it up. We live in a fast paced world.

But somebody has to hunt this food. What did we do before government even gave us permission?

Thankfully for Emily Cain, she has stood for our right to hunt. Without Cain, we would all surely starve to death.

This bizarre photo op could suggest a number of things.

Maybe she really believes that we need government to give us permission to hunt. Or perhaps this was a weak attempt to appeal to gun owners across Maine’s second district without upsetting the Democratic grassroots.

Does Emily Cain support the right to bear arms? Though she appears in a weak, clearly staged photo op holding a gun with an orange vest, she hesitates to actually approach the issue. She doesn’t use the word “gun” and instead assumes the reader will read between the lines.

Perhaps Cain knows that the Second District, being more conservative, is generally supportive of the right to bear arms. There is also a strong tradition of hunting, as well.

But will Cain come out and actually voice her support for the right to bear arms?

Emily Cain can put on an orange vest and hold a gun and post some generic comments about supporting your right to shoot animals, but in the end, it’s not fooling anyone. It’s weak and disingenuous politicking that insults the intelligence of Mainers across the Second District.

These people rejected Emily Cain before and it’s doubtful her shameful attempts to insult the intelligence of Second District Mainers will change anybody’s mind. With all of this said, Emily Cain still should keep her bright orange vest. It’s the only way anyone is every going to notice her.

Chris Dixon

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