Emily Cain, Maine Democratic Party chair believe free speech is unconstitutional

This election cycle has been full of twists and turns. Nobody thought a year ago that Donald Trump would be the presidential nominee for the Republican Party, but here we are. He had no political credentials and didn’t have the party backing that some other more mainstream options did. Now many Republicans are scrambling to decide where their support will land.

Democrats are also having a blast with this option. Donald Trump, a guy who speaks too bluntly like our own Governor, is going to make their jobs easier.

Or will it?

The Maine Democratic Party has been out on a desperate gotcha political quest, trying to corner Congressman Bruce Poliquin on the Trump topic. Instead of discussing issues and having an intelligent discussion, it’s gotcha politics.

Now failed candidate Emily Cain is running again against Congressman Poliquin, this time participating in the shallow gotcha politics that has turned politics into such a nasty partisan game.

Cain’s new claim is that free speech is unconstitutional.


This is a claim also supported by Maine Democratic Party chairman Phil Bartlett.


This is disturbing because the Constitution itself governs the framework of the federal government, with the Bill of Rights ratified to protect the people from an intrusive government. Cain and Bartlett seem to believe that the Constitution exists to limit the free speech rights of Americans.

And Emily Cain wants to be Congresswoman?

This is disturbing. Trump has certainly said some controversial things and probably should be more respectful of political opponents. But is disagreeable speech unconstitutional?

If Emily Cain wants to serve in the federal government’s legislative body, she may benefit from reviewing the United States Constitution. If she were to do so, she would then learn that despite Trump saying some cruel things, it is still protected under the United States Constitution.

Does Maine really want to elect a Congresswoman who believes in criminalizing things that don’t pass her own litmus test for acceptable discourse? Does Maine believe in limiting free speech to only agreeable things?

This is what Cain and the Maine Democratic Party believes in.

Chris Dixon

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