Politico turns to hypocrisy and insults as a journalistic standard

This entire election cycle could largely be summed up as Donald Trump vs. the world. Although he has risen to prominence by taking the Republican Party by storm, the relationship with just about anyone who isn’t in his camp has been tumultuous. His comments have antagonized political opponents and their supporters resulting in riots, and the criticism of the media has rubbed them the wrong way. As we enter the general election, it’s only going to become more heated.

The problem at this point is the empowerment of Trump’s ego. His rise has been fueled by raw political anger by people who are tired of partisan politics, political correctness, and over polished politicians. For many everyday Americans, the political landscape has long felt fake.

The result? The ascension of Donald Trump. So now what?

Trump’s demeanor has long been abrasive and combative. When crude comments were made recently about reporters at a press conference, it hardly came as any surprise. But the reaction by the media was certainly a surprise. Who doesn’t expect at this point?

Politico responded by playing his game, with a piece titled “Donald Trump Is a 2-Year-Old. It’s Time for the Press to Treat Him Like One.” Beyond the obvious insult to children, it represents a low blow insult that everyone is criticizing Trump for.

Oddly enough, Politico’s entire article contradicted their first point about handling Trump: don’t play his game. Specifically, states that “we compound the problem by indulging our natural reflex to lash back at his anger with equal anger, returning his name-calling with name-calling of our own, labeling him a ‘fascist,’ ‘thug,’ a ‘bully’ and more.”

So we combat this by demeaning toddlers by comparing them to a bombastic ego? We fight name-calling that is made worse by name-calling by doing more name-calling? There comes a point where it’s difficult to take the media seriously. This is one of those moments.

As Politico continues labeling Trump as a baby after insisting on not name-calling, they state his issue may be he isn’t being nurtured enough. Specifically stating, “Sometimes when a toddler acts out the way Trump does, the underlying cause is quite simple. He’s tired. If so, put him down for a nap. Or he’s hungry. Feed him! That’s the route the Hollywood Reporter’s Michael Wolff took recently when he accompanied Baby Donald to his Beverly Hills home to interview him.”

How many toddlers do you know that call a reporter “sleazy” or talk about the size of their genitalia when their hands are criticized? Again Politico, this is where you can’t be taken seriously. This is a national publication wanting to be taken seriously by suggesting taking a field trip to Trump’s house will make him nicer.

The Politico article takes a more disturbing turn while continuing to name-call after declaring name-calling a no-no, by stating they should distract the baby with women and tempt it with lust. “The smart parent always keeps in reserve ways to distract his toddler. In Baby Donald’s case, the solution seems to be a few beautiful young women, preferably “10s,” just outside his field of vision. When he starts blustering, place the 10 in front of him and maybe give him a binky to suck on. Other times, all the anger management he needs can be found in burning some of his excess energy off. Try arranging a play date for him with Silvio Berlusconi or Bill Clinton or Ron Burkle, all of whom share his interests.”

Politico continues suggesting positive reinforcement: “Whenever an hour or two passes without him insulting somebody as ugly, a fool, a dummy, dopey, a lowlife, a clown, a dog, a lightweight, a disaster, stupid, grubby, nasty, incompetent or one of his other pet epithets, give him the praise he needs to develop into an ethically centered, considerate human being.”

If only we could praise you, Politico. The problem here is the media’s lack of professionalism in dealing with an unprofessional political candidate. Flashback to when the Boston Globe thought fake news was a professional approach to dealing with serious issues, now Politico is playing this game.

The national media is losing credibility, and rightfully so. Politico and the Boston Globe are two publications that will forever be critical of Trump and his approach, while using methods that are less than credible or professional. Hypocrisy, insults, and a lack of professionalism will not defeat Trump. It will only empower him. This is why Politico said nobody should be playing his game. It’s only a shame that Politico has responded by not taking their own advice.

Chris Dixon

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