Gary Johnson wins Libertarian Party presidential nomination

It’s official: The Libertarian Party has a presidential candidate. Gary Johnson won today at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention

On the first ballot, Johnson missed the majority by less than a percentage point, at 49.514%. On the second round balloting however, Johnson secured victory.

The Libertarian Party has enjoyed an unprecedented level of attention this year as voters seek out alternatives and third party options. The primaries of both major parties leave them in a state of chaos and disarray. Many Republicans are adamant about not voting for Donald Trump, citing a range of reasons. Moderates feel Trump is too extreme for them, whereas conservatives and libertarians have concerns about his policies and rhetoric. Democrats are facing a great divide as the grassroots battles for Senator Bernie Sanders as the party establishment and mainstream attempts to lock down the vote for Hillary Clinton.

Excitement is brewing for Libertarians as both major candidates see favorability ratings drop. If you are not a fan of Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton, explore your third party options.

Research Gary Johnson and take the time to know all of your options for President. Former New Mexico Governor Johnson’s official campaign website is

No matter who you support for President, research your decision and vote on principles. Don’t settle for a candidate because they’re not the other person or because of their party.

Chris Dixon

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