Monthly Archives: March 2016

Democratic opponent slams Senator Rand Paul for making joke about presidential race

This presidential race has been a parade of absurdities and oddities, with everything from size jokes to middle school ad hominem attacks becoming the political norm. The frontrunners on the Republican side are people nobody saw standing a chance several months ago and Senator Bernie Sanders is still putting up a fight against Hillary Clinton […]

National Republican Senatorial Committee under fire for Maine People’s Alliance-style tactics

There is a controversy brewing after a tweet, which was quickly deleted, from the National Republican Senatorial Committee which made a tasteless remark about a double amputee. The remark criticized the double amputee for “not standing up.” The Hill notes: The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is facing heat after slamming Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) […]

How Donald Trump brings out the worst in many Republicans

Donald Trump certainly has been an interesting character this election cycle. He has broken all the conventional laws of politics, rules of civility, and ruffled just about everyone’s feathers. He has openly insulted other people and called reporters stupid and idiots, while getting into a war over sizes with Senator Marco Rubio. Among other things, […]

Democratic “Independent” Legislator believes a joke qualifies as voter suppression

At this point, it’s clear that Representative Jeff Evangelos doesn’t like Governor Paul LePage. In the last year, we’ve seen attempts to undermine the Governor including a poorly executed impeachment attempt. How desperate are the Democrats getting to take down the opposing party? Representative Evangelos, a biased Democratic partisan, who identifies as an Independent much […]

How Mitt Romney just handed the Presidency to the Democratic nominee

Watching Mitt Romney speak was interesting. The perennial presidential loser went off on an extended rant about Donald Trump, basically regurgitating what every single person on the Internet has already said in blogs, articles, tweets, and Facebook posts. It’s a pointless exercise. While Donald Trump is the clear frontrunner, the frontrunner status at this point […]