National Republican Senatorial Committee under fire for Maine People’s Alliance-style tactics

There is a controversy brewing after a tweet, which was quickly deleted, from the National Republican Senatorial Committee which made a tasteless remark about a double amputee. The remark criticized the double amputee for “not standing up.”

The Hill notes:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is facing heat after slamming Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) for “not standing up for veterans.”

Duckworth lost both of her legs while serving as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot during the Iraq War.

If you’ll recall a couple years back, this sounds oddly similar to when the Maine People’s Alliance attacked Maine Representative Dale Crafts, who is bound to a wheelchair, stating he had “no spine” because he “failed to stand up” to the Governor.

The backlash here in Maine was relatively short lived, unsurprisingly. The Maine People’s Alliance, a fringe leftwing group that advances radical liberal politics, is often seen as allied with the Democratic Party. Representative Crafts, who is businessman in the Lisbon area, is also a registered Republican. These party affiliation points are important in terms of why the backlash had been so short.

In fact, Ben Chin, the organization’s Political Engagement Director, a year later would run for Mayor of Lewiston. Chin was widely popular against the incumbent Republican who, ironically, was seen as offensive by many. The Maine People’s Alliance flooded the city with money in attempt to push through one of their offensive leaders.

Fortunately, Lewiston voted against the Maine People’s Alliance’s money operation that was fueling such a divisive character. But in the end, the Crafts mailer incident still had little effect on the organization or the people who sent the mailer out.

To the credit of the Maine People’s Alliance, they apologized to Rep. Crafts after it was noticed and became an issue. But it’s interesting that a mailer, which had to have been proof read before being sent off to many voters, isn’t so much of a big deal. But a tweet that possibly could have just been typed in haste?

Certainly, if this was in Maine, a social media post by a Republican would have been a huge deal. They’re the biggest deals of all, if you buy what many bloggers, journalists, and partisan activists are selling. Not so much when a Democrat posts something crude on Facebook and the media lazily touches upon it or just ignores it altogether.

The Hill quotes a statement from the NRSC

“It would be great if reporters would pay as much attention to a deleted tweet as they should to Tammy Duckworth being sued by VA whistleblowers for ignoring claims of mistreatment and corruption,” said NRSC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek in a statement to The Hill.

Sorry Andrea. Should have been a Democrat.

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