Democratic “Independent” Legislator believes a joke qualifies as voter suppression

At this point, it’s clear that Representative Jeff Evangelos doesn’t like Governor Paul LePage. In the last year, we’ve seen attempts to undermine the Governor including a poorly executed impeachment attempt. How desperate are the Democrats getting to take down the opposing party?

Representative Evangelos, a biased Democratic partisan, who identifies as an Independent much like United States Senator Angus King, is at it again. This time, he believes a joke qualifies as voter suppression.

The issue at hand relates to the recent Donald Trump rally in Portland, where Governor LePage introduced the controversial Republican frontrunner.

Christopher Cousins reports for Bangor Daily News:

LePage said to the crowd — and to presumably thousands or millions of online viewers — that the Democratic caucuses are next Sunday. Here’s the video (the comment in question is at about the 5-minute mark).

“Vote Sunday,” yelled someone from the audience after LePage urged Republicans to caucus on Saturday.

“No, the Democrats will vote next Sunday,” replied LePage, triggering laughter from the audience. “Don’t tell them this week.”

If registered Democrats are paying more attention to a Republican Governor at a rally for a Republican presidential frontrunner than Maine Democratic Party chairman Phil Bartlett for caucus information, that party is in serious trouble.

If the Democratic Party is so out-of-touch with their party leaders that they actually believe Governor LePage when he made a joke about the caucus date, this is a validation of poor leadership. Chairman Phil Bartlett should be offended at this insult towards his leadership and his party’s ability to get caucus information out.

Cousins’ report quotes Representative Evangelos:

“The idea that a sitting chief executive would willfully and intentionally lie about an election or caucus date in a clear effort to suppress voter turnout is just the latest example of Mr. LePage’s contempt for the rule of law and contempt for common decency and fair play,” Evangelos said Friday in a written statement to the Bangor Daily News.

Apparently Representative Evangelos has no sense of humor and is unable to laugh at a good humored joke. What’s strange is that the faux Independent is finally enrolling in the party of superdelegates while complaining about voter suppression and fair play.

It’s fortunate for all of Maine that Representative Evangelos is not running for re-election. His entire agenda is to waste taxpayer money and time, waste the Secretary of State’s time, and use his time in Augusta to grind an axe that is becoming quite dull.

Even though he will no longer be in the legislature, it is fortunate for fervently partisan Democrats that people like House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe are still in control to call disagreeable people a “POS” while calling for civility. Hypocrisy is a resource that will not be depleted anytime soon, with or without the Democratic partisan who insults actual Independently-minded Mainers everywhere.

Chris Dixon

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