How Mitt Romney just handed the Presidency to the Democratic nominee

Watching Mitt Romney speak was interesting. The perennial presidential loser went off on an extended rant about Donald Trump, basically regurgitating what every single person on the Internet has already said in blogs, articles, tweets, and Facebook posts. It’s a pointless exercise.

While Donald Trump is the clear frontrunner, the frontrunner status at this point isn’t enough to secure the nomination. Senator Ted Cruz has limited appeal, Senator Marco Rubio is struggling to unite the moderate mainstream, and Governor John Kasich won’t stop clinging to his base.

And Romney urged support for all three of this candidates.

Endorsing three candidates against one is a divisive tactic that sounds good on paper, but does little to achieve his cause or reinforce the point of his rant session. Instead of presenting a solution to defeat Donald Trump, Romney’s speech sounded painfully like therapy for a damaged ego.

What will the result of three candidates remaining in the race collecting delegates and supporters be?

The scenario that many Republicans fear in Donald Trump winning the nomination is very likely. How is Senator Ted Cruz going to defeat Trump if he’s sharing the anti-Trump vote with a Florida Senator who is a lingering One Hit Wonder? How is Senator Marco Rubio going to win if he’s sharing the anti-Trump vote with a Texas Senator with limited appeal? How is Governor John Kasich going to win at all?

Everything is divided and a total mess.

The other possible scenario, which could be better or worse depending on who you ask, is a brokered convention. This would result from a race so thoroughly divided that it would mean Republicans go to the National Convention without a single candidate reaching the required delegate threshold. A brokered convention is going to result in a vicious floor fight, a lot of deep infighting very close to the general election, and the infliction of a lot of political wounds that won’t heal fast enough.

In the end, the Republican Party is going to lose if it listens to a man who couldn’t even inspire people to support him against President Barack Obama. A lot of that had to do with his lack of passion, his lack of fire, and a long history of principled inconsistency. So why should anyone listen to him now?

Trump haters are currently celebrating the speech because Romney said a lot of mean things about Donald Trump, and their hatred for Trump is so deep that this is all that matters. But putting emotions aside and looking at things logically, this speech was awful. It proposed no logical strategy to defeat Trump, but actually offered a solution that would hand him the nomination by stating Republicans should support three candidates against one.

Worse than simply handing Trump the nomination, it proposed a way to nominate Trump and then undermine the Republican nominee ensuring the Democrats win in November. Just which team is Mitt Romney batting for?

In November, when Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders declares victory over the Republican Party, they owe Mitt Romney a nice fruit basket with a sweet “Thank You” card in it. Because once again, Romney showed his strategic incompetence, his failed leadership ability, and strong ability to ensure Democrats get elected.

Chris Dixon

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