What will Mitt Romney’s big speech on the 2016 presidential race be about?

Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t become any more of a circus, one of the most irrelevant people struggling to be in your head again is back: former Governor Mitt Romney.

The failed presidential candidate who once was rejected by Republicans and then again by all of America, has revealed he will be giving a big press conference Thursday morning.

What could Romney have in mind?

The ideal topic of a press conference about the election would be to reveal an endorsement. Everybody has been curious about who he would endorse, but in all likelihood, Romney is waiting until the field thins down and becomes less of a decision for him. If 2012 showed Republicans and the rest of the country anything at all, it’s that difficult decisions are not his style. Infact, he’s taken a harder line against the Republican frontrunner than he did when he was the actual Republican nominee against an incumbent Democrat.

Don’t look for Romney to formally make an endorsement decision, but rather just spend his brief moment back in the spotlight complaining about Donald Trump.

It’s clear the Republican establishment and the moderate mainstream are desperate for a clear anti-Trump candidate. Who that anti-Trump candidate will be is not exactly clear, and is likely why Romney has stopped short of actually throwing his support behind someone.

But the anti-Trump bandwagon in general might be the right place for a perennial loser struggling for acceptance.

Then there are crazier ideas out there: will the former Governor run for President, again?

This has been the speculation among some and is the most intriguing, however unlikely, of possibilities. Would Romney run for President a third time? Logic suggests he wouldn’t. Considering months ago Vice President Joe Biden stated he wouldn’t run because it was too late to launch a viable campaign, it’s difficult to see a twice failed candidate give it a third try at this stage in the game.

But the 2016 Republican primary is not your typical primary. Trump is the frontrunner, but is only one hundred delegates ahead of Senator Cruz, who the moderate mainstream is not particularly interested in either. Senator Marco Rubio, the favorite of many looking for a strong anti-Trump candidate, just won his first state and is struggling to remain relevant.

Jeb Bush failed and now Senator Rubio is failing to be the moderate anti-Trump, and the establishment is becoming desperate. Is Romney the answer? Will they work harder to force out Senator Rubio, as well as Governor John Kasich and Ben Carson to advance Romney?

Whatever happens, it’s just another desperate attempt by a man who has passed his prime, to remain relevant. The anti-Trump bangwagon is where all the fun is at right now and he is joining in on the fun. Could he run for President? He could. Could he just make an endorsement instead? Perhaps.

In all likelihood however, we’re all going to tune into an anticlimactic big announcement just to see Romney whine about Trump and float conspiracy theories about Trump’s tax return. It’s going to be nothing worth watching, but we all are still going to watch because of the hype.

Which is all that Mitt Romney has ever been in a presidential election: a lot of empty hype and little substance.

Chris Dixon

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