Monthly Archives: February 2016

USM Professor said Prayer of Thanksgiving after Justice Antonin Scalia died

It has been a week since the tragic and sudden passing of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Scalia was respected and thoughtful in his career, considered by many to be more than just another conservative on the Bench. Unfortunately, the response hasn’t always been classy. Many on the left were quick to politicize […]

Nevada caucus/South Carolina primary predictions

THE RACE NARROWS For Democrats, this race is shaping up to be a nightmare reminiscent to 2012 when Republicans were faced with a grassroots fight from supporters of former Congressman Ron Paul. Senator Bernie Sanders, though ideologically different from Paul, represents the same anti-establishment sentiment that could burn Clinton come the general election. Republicans are […]

Senator Ted Cruz, Champion of the Surveillance State

Senator Ted Cruz has become an interesting case in the Republican primary. He’s surged against the odds and become one of the leading candidates for the nomination. How he has done so is intriguing, considering who he is versus who he portrays himself to be. The self-described “courageous conservative” is actually thoroughly neoconservative, he just […]

House Majority Leader says Governor LePage is a “POS”

The Democratic Party here in Maine has portrayed itself as the standard of morality. Everytime a legislator carelessly shared a meme that offended a specific group, they were all over the topic. Just ask Representative John Picchiotti or Senators Michael Willette and Jeff Pierce. There’s also the liberal attempts to smear Representative Lawrence Lockman for […]