What Governors Christie and LePage’s endorsements mean for Trump

The contentious presidential primary to this point has been a power struggle among ideologies. Businessman Donald Trump represents the disaffected and the angry. Senator Ted Cruz represents the evangelical wing of the party, though the evangelicals are shown to be shifting slowly towards Trump. Senator Marco Rubio represents the hawkish Republicans, as well as those who are looking more of an inspirational vision than a plan.

Because of Trump obviously claiming the outsider mantle in the primary, his mainstream Republican support has been slim. Other candidates have had legislators and other prominent politicians have jumped behind other candidates.

Trump? Minimal, until now.

The mistake many are making in missing the real victory in the Governor Chris Christie endorsement for Trump. It is true that the New Jersey Governor did not have an enormous primary presence and was forced to drop out because he never caught on. But make no mistake, he’s more mainstream than many others.

And he endorsed Donald Trump.

While a simple endorsement from Governor Christie may not open the floodgates of endorsements from mainstream Republicans, it signals a shift. It’s ok to be a mainstream Republican and to hold a position of influence, and like Trump.

It also signals that Republicans are becoming aware of the inevitable: Donald Trump will be the nominee.

Super Tuesday is coming up in a few days. Trump is leading for Alabama’s 50 delegates, Georgia’s 76 delegates, Massachusetts’ 42 delegates, Oklahoma’s 43 delegates, Vermont’s 16 delegates, and Virginia’s 49 delegates.

TEGNA/SurveyUSA polling shows Trump closing the gap in Texas and at a tie.

Super Trumpsday is going to be huge and March 5th will be the next day featuring contests. Maine has 23 delegates up for grabs. While polling data is not available for Maine, the endorsement of popular Republican Governor Paul LePage is significant a week ahead of the caucus.

Will Governor LePage help lock down the vote for Trump?

Of all the states polled, there is only one state where Trump is not winning, which is Texas. Everything else is his.

The endorsements of these two Governors may not appear of any real significance at first glance, but a deeper look shows they are of deeper meaning. The Republican Party is beginning to prepare for the inevitable fact that Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee.

Chris Dixon

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