Will Governor LePage follow Governor Christie in endorsing Trump?

The announcement has just broken this afternoon that New Jersey Governor and former presidential candidate Chris Christie has endorsed businessman Donald Trump for President. This could be seen as a big move, but not entirely surprising when looking at the reality of the race.

Governor Christie has a straight shooting style that, regardless of his politics, doesn’t dance around the point. He’s blunt and he speaks his mind.

In terms of style, Governor Christie would not find someone else similar in the running. Senator Ted Cruz speaks in rhetorical soundbites packaged for the evangelical vote with a slant towards hawks. Senator Marco Rubio is more of a motivational speaker, who is more in this race to make everyone feel good about life rather than actually advance coherent policies.

Donald Trump is known for speaking his mind and not catering to the political correctness of the political mainstream. This is not malicious, it’s just a style approach to politics.

It doesn’t just bring New Jersey’s Governor to mind, however. It also brings Maine Governor Paul LePage to mind as well.

To Mainers, Governor LePage is no stranger to news headlines. His time in the Blaine House has been one of frequent statewide and even national headlines for controversial statements. At times, he’s even lucky enough to go global. For better or for worse, it’s who he is. He doesn’t play politics, he doesn’t pass the political correctness test, and he just tells it how it is.

If Governor LePage were to remain relevant in the nomination contest, it would make perfect sense for him to follow in the footsteps of his good friend in New Jersey, who he previously endorsed for President.

Will Governor LePage endorse Donald Trump for President? The Maine caucuses are coming quick. It would make perfect sense for the Governor to support Trump.

Chris Dixon

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