USM Professor said Prayer of Thanksgiving after Justice Antonin Scalia died

It has been a week since the tragic and sudden passing of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Scalia was respected and thoughtful in his career, considered by many to be more than just another conservative on the Bench.

Unfortunately, the response hasn’t always been classy. Many on the left were quick to politicize the moment and start discussing the opportunity for a new liberal Justice. Some even celebrated the passing.

One of those who celebrated the passing of Justice Scalia? Kate Mitchell on Facebook, who commented on an article Portland mayor Ethan Strimling shared:


Kate Mitchell is a University of Southern Maine professor who has been with the University for decades now, according to her LinkedIn page.

The post since has been deleted, but the screenshot is circulating on Facebook.

While one certainly has the right to speak to their mind, there is a question of civility. Should an educator be celebrating the death of anyone, let alone a government official? Is this the standard we want of all teachers and professors?

This is inappropriate conduct, regardless of who it is. It’s just worse that it comes from someone who does teach. Disagreeing over politics is fine, but celebrating death is not.

One thing, however, is certain: Justice Antonin Scalia, even though this USM professor is thankful he’s dead, would support her First Amendment to speak her mind on the topic.

Chris Dixon

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