Bernie Sanders’ War

Senator Bernie Sanders has proved to be an election oddity. While desperately clinging to the unrealistic fringes of left-wing politics, he has caught fire and ignited a grassroots phenomenon. While it remains to be seen if he’s an actual primary threat or just a pre-caucus rockstar, he’s certainly testing the limits of rational politics.

Breitbart ran a few quotes from a CBS Face The Nation interview in an article. The first one didn’t sound overly irrational:

If we are going to see an increase in drought, flood, extreme weather disturbances as a result of climate change, what that means is that peoples all over the world are going to be fighting over limited natural resources. If there is not enough water, if there is not enough land to grow your crops then going to see migrations of people fighting over land that will sustain them. And that will lead to international conflicts. I think when we talk about all of the possible ravages of climate change which to my mind is just a huge planetary crisis increased international conflict is one of the issues that we have got to appreciate will happen.

It’s not farfetched to say that if a certain resource becomes scarce, there will be competition to have it. There’s that dirty word that is like the “f-bomb” in Bernie Code, “capitalism.”

It is a stretch to imply however, that World War 3 will be the result of a planet that is about seventy percent water running out of water.

Giving Senator Sanders the benefit of the doubt here, the next quote comes after the interviewer asked him how this all connected to the growing ISIS threat:

Say in Syria for example, there’s some thought about this. is that when you have drought, when people can’t grow their crops they’re going to migrate into cities. When people migrate into cities they don’t have jobs, there’s going to be a lot more instability, lot more unemployment and people will be subject to the types of propaganda that al Qaeda and ISIS are using right now. Where you have discontent, you have instability, that is where problems arise and certainly without a doubt climate change will lead to that.

There you have it, America. The entire World on Terror has been over a drought and the whole thing has been about not being able to grow crops.

Senator Sanders further then begins to imply that ISIS scares the people of the Middle East by utilizing his rhetoric and their chief recruiting message is the wholly stolen from the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

This is the guy who wants to be Commander-In-Chief in the aftermath of the Paris shootings, as ISIS smuggles fighters in with refugees, and the world faces a growing problem.

The entire Bernie Sanders campaign has been a fairy tale from the beginning. He preaches about the 1% without any rational economic plan, blindly demonizing an entire class of people and claiming that overtaxation will cure society’s ills. Corporations and businesses are the devil who deserve no money, unless they’re education business like colleges, then they should have all of our money via government force.

It’s unsurprising, keeping this in mind, that the foreign policy solution of Senator Sanders is to open more McDonalds in Syria with a minimum wage of $15 per hour and ensure that everyone gets a free ride to Harvard on the American taxpayer’s check. Why not? Don’t protect the evil 1% by saying No.

The problem is even ISIS has been clear about what their problem is. As I noted previously, while citing various foreign policy experts:

Veryan Khan, editorial director for the U.S.-based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, notes this backlash from ISIS is a result of Russian airstrikes in Syria against them. Ryan Mauro, national security analyst and adjunct professor of homeland security for the Clarion Project, agrees with the assessment, as well.

Perhaps even more chilling is the threat to target women and even children, when ISIS warned Russia they will “make your wives concubines and make your children our slaves.”

This, of course, was backed up by a video ISIS released attacking Russia and Europe just days before the brutal terrorist attacks in Paris.

We face a critical time in America. The borders are left unprotected and we need to desperately rethink the refugee program, while opening diplomatic channels with even those we disagree with.

Senator Sanders isn’t a leader or a negotiator, and he’s certainly not going to protect America. He’s a government thug who wraps himself in populist rhetoric and pretends to support the people, while claiming the solution to everything isn’t the people, because they’re incapable of doing anything without government.

Furthermore, America needs a leader who believes that tackling ISIS is more than giving them a care package to get through a famine. His war on everything successful in America isn’t going to work on foreign policy anymore than Senator Marco Rubio’s military empire will.

Sorry, Bernie. America needs leaders, not divisive rhetoric. Just go home.

Chris Dixon

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