The Always Offensive Maine Democratic Party

It’s starting to seem as though every time a Republican shares a meme or posts a chain letter on their personal Facebook page, the Maine Democratic Party and their fringe grassroots arm, the Maine People’s Alliance, cry foul.

After all, politics shouldn’t be offensive and vulgar. Why should someone who shares an offensive meme be allowed to hold an elected office? It’s a popular practice on social media, but Democrats are here to remind you that they’re here to reinforce our moral standards.

The latest controversy relates to State Representative John Picchiotti posting a chain letter that he neglected to read in full and then apparently has a history of sharing anti-Muslim memes on Facebook.

Meme Derangement Syndrome this year has been causing the Democratic Party to lose their collective minds.

But why wouldn’t they? The Democratic Party holds a high moral standard.

In 2010, they put out an extremely offensive fortune cookie ad as a low attack on Independent Eliot Cutler. Cutler was widely seen by Democrats as the man that would steal or divide their votes, because apparently they’ve always been entitled to Cutler’s votes and just are incapable of winning or losing on their own merits.

As Bangor Daily News noted in 2010:

Because of the country’s high unemployment rate and the perception that many American jobs have been shipped to China, many campaigns across the country featured China as a scapegoat this fall. Saying a candidate helped this job shift may be fair game. Stereotyping Chinese and their culture (or worse, what is mistakenly thought to be their culture — fortune cookies are likely of Japanese origin, were popularized in California and aren’t found in China) shouldn’t be.

Not only is the Maine Democratic Party openly racist and quite possibly xenoophobic, it is even plausibly ignorant. The fortune cookie is indeed of Japanese origin and was “Americanized” into what American culture depicts as “chinese food.”

More from Bangor Daily News regarding the offensive Democratic ad campaign:

Another Democratic mailer in Maine featured a red star and what looks like a help wanted ad ripped from a newspaper. The ad’s text was in Chinese. “Eliot Cutler’s advice for Mainers looking for a job,” the mailer said, “learn Chinese.”

What’s wrong with learning Chinese? What’s wrong with being Chinese? What’s wrong with Chinese culture?

So the Maine Republican Party has had TWO legislators this year share offensive memes on their personal Facebook pages, but at least they or their party have never used racism has an official campaign strategy.

For the record though, the official Democratic Party response in 2010 was a lack of remorse and couple of excuses. In stating that they were aiming for “eye-catching” and “tongue-in-cheek” mailer content, party leadership stated they “stand by the mailings.”

It turns out however that not only does the Maine Democratic Party hate and fear the Chinese, but paraplegics are also on their hate list.

As previously noted in Undercover Porcupine, the fringe left-wing organization Maine People’s Alliance, has targeted a wheel-chair bound State Legislator for having “no spine” and refusing to stand up. Even worse, is that in this offensive mailer, this vulgar operation stated this was the view of the people of Maine.

What was the response from the Maine Democratic Party?

Ben Chin is currently in the process of buying the Lewiston Mayoral race. The Sun Journal notes that as of August 31st of this year, he had raised $33,733 and has almost doubled that since. This is by far more than the rest of the candidates’ total fundraising combined. Only $3,365 combined came from 26 donors listing Lewiston addresses. 29% of Chin’s donations, 112 total to be exact, came from out-of-state.

The Sun Journal continues to detail that Chin’s donor list also features a number of prominent progressive special interest organizations:

including Andrew Roth-Wells, chief of staff of the Maine House Majority Office; Jonathan Asen, senior adviser to the speaker of the Maine House; the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; Environment Maine; the Washington, D.C.-based New Venture Fund; ProgressNowNM in New Mexico; the National People’s Action Committee; Maine Equal Justice Partners; PWA Coalition of Dallas, Texas; Rick Redmond, the political director of the Boston-based AIPAC; and Anthony DeAngelo, the press secretary for the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C.

It doesn’t stop there however, as the Maine People’s Alliance themselves have dumped money into Chin’s electoral shopping spree. Also noted by the Sun Journal:

Among Chin’s donations are four separate $50 donations from Jesse Graham, the executive director of the Maine People’s Alliance where Chin works as the political engagement director. Gen Lysen, the MPA’s lead organizer and Androscoggin Valley Chapter Organizer, made a single $150 donation; the agency’s associate director, Amy Halsted, made a $50 donation to the campaign; and MPA’s major gifts director Phil Bailey donated $10.

Then again, why wouldn’t the Maine People’s Alliance back Ben Chin’s purchase of Lewiston? Ben Chin was the political director of the organization that oversaw the attack on Representative Dale Crafts.

The Maine Democratic Party seemingly has no problem with Chin’s horrible background, either. He’s there candidate funneling money from outside of Lewiston and even outside of Maine to literally buy this election.

But it’s ok, Mainers. As long as our Democratic “leaders” feign enough outrage over social media posts, it will hopefully eradicate memes from personal Facebook pages. This, above all, is apparently worse than putting offensive garbage in people’s mailboxes.

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