Maine Senate Passes Constitutional Carry

Legislation that would allow a Mainer to carry a firearm without a permit, widely known as a “Constitutional Carry”, has cleared the State Senate. In a near party line vote, only two Republicans joined the Democrats in a 21-14 vote. The measure was sponsored by Senator Eric Brakey and hit the floor with an impressive number of co-sponsors in both chambers.

The only two Republicans to oppose the measure were Senators David Woodsome and Amy Volk, the latter of which has developed an anti-gun rights reputation among the grassroots after helping torpedo the legislation in a previous session.

The interesting thing about Senator Volk’s recent vote is she had reportedly been telling people she supported Constitutional Carry and since the previous vote, she had learned and ultimately changed positions. As a result, her vote was concerning and upsetting for many who had supported her.

One e-mail has been circulating from an individual who had contacted her, as any good involved citizen would regarding important legislation. Her reply was as follows:

“Dear Mr. Perez, Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate that you took so much time to write me on this issue. I supported CC in the last legislature and will do so again, especially since I represent a very different population than I did as a House Rep.”

Merriam-Webster defines “support” in three ways:

First definition is “to agree with or approve of (someone or something).” Interesting that one would disapprove something they approve of to show support.

Second definition is “to show that you approve of (someone or something) by doing something.” Interesting that one would do something opposed to something they approve of to show support.

Third definition is “to give help or assistance to (someone or something).” One does not give assistance to something by opposing it.

A number of Constitutional Carry supporters have noted however this could be a mere political play and the final vote could reflect a change. Senator Volk could be, for example, merely attempting to reshape the legislation to make it more suitable to her liking before giving her own seal of approval to it. She did after all introduce an amendment to the bill.

Whatever the reason for this vote, these sort of political games are the types of things that turn people off from politics. As disappointing as this clear change of heart is, we can only hope that Senator Volk will in the future stand by the word she gave to the people she spoke with.

The next showdown will be in the Maine House of Representatives, which may pose a greater challenge. Supporters of Constitutional Carry are optimistic however, and we shall see soon enough the outcome of their continued efforts.

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