Lindsey Graham Is Right

The controversial United States Senator who is one of the most aggressive warhawks in Congress is running for President. Senator Lindsey Graham has said he will be running because “the world is falling apart.”

Let’s face it, and it was a great pain for me to say these four words consecutively, but it’s true: Lindsey Graham is right. The world is indeed falling apart.

There’s no doubt that Lindsey Graham is onto something, because he knows why the chaos is happening. He is apart of the problem. He has supported many terrible invasions and incited bad uprisings, including the worst revolution since Star Trek: Insurrection.

The U.S. checkbook evidently runs like a credit card that has no limit. Our military is everywhere, because the government views them as a statistic for spreading influence and maintaining power. This is clear by the fact some Republicans still celebrate the invasion of Iraq, which costed the United States military casualties and claimed at least a few thousand civilians.

Why? Because some people felt that Saddam Hussein needed to be removed so our country could make the Middle East safe for ISIS.

Senator Graham warned that in 2014 that unless the United States increased its intervention in Iraq, he could envision “an American city in flames.”

In the time since this claim, an ISIS gunman has gone on a rampage in Texas. This terrorist organization, which rose to violent prominence as a result of the U.S. destabilization of Iraq, has warned of more attacks to come against the United States.

United States foreign policy has a tendency to not make the least bit of sense. With only a small taste of short-sighted objectives, many actions seem to leave lingering long-term negative effects. Individuals like Lindsey Graham support this repeated damage to the safety of our country.

When Lindsey Graham voted to authorize use of force against Iraq, he endorsed the destabilization that resulted in the rise of ISIS, a radical doomsday cult that represents a foreign policy crisis.

Now to some degree, it is understandable where he is coming from when he proclaims that he blames the present mess on President Obama, not his predecessor George W. Bush. While Bush maintained a continued presence in the region, Obama left allowing the destabilization to increase in speed.

To be clear though, even with the presence of the United States in Iraq, the region was still destabilizing. Because of the unraveling mess, it is an easy conclusion to reach that we should have never invaded Iraq. While Graham may support slowing down the destabilization, he still supported the destabilization. Because of this reason, he is not fit for the Presidency.

Bomb stuff is not a coherent foreign policy approach. When it comes to fixing the problems we face globally with terrorism and protecting our country’s borders, America desperately needs the type of President it hasn’t ever seen. This country needs a Commander-In-Chief who is most concerned with improving things domestically, by strengthening the Nation’s borders and growing our strengths here at home while actually curing our weaknesses.

We cannot do this subscribing to an aggressive, heat seeking foreign policy that strikes like a shark the second it smells blood. America’s economy will continue to crumble while more outraged regions and organizations will slap the bullseye right on our foreheads. We’re exhausting our resources and this only benefits the aggressors who seek to destroy us.

Lindsey Graham is absolutely right. The world is falling apart. But because Graham is correct, he is not fit for the Presidency, because he has continued to willfully and enthusiastically endorse the policies that result in global chaos. Giving him the Presidency would be an incredible mistake.

Chris Dixon

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