The Revolt Against Bruce Poliquin

It’s almost a sad day to be Bruce Poliquin, the former State Treasurer who ran past liberal superhero Emily Cain to claim the Congressional seat of the humiliated and defeated Mike Michaud. Why? Any other year, nobody would like paying attention to the inside baseball that unfolds among quarreling Republicans. Some grumbling would be met when news of John Boehner being re elected as House Speaker hit, but that would be the end of it.

Welcome to the year 2015, where many conservatives are finally waking up to the reality of Republican politics.

Though it is surprising that anyone expected Poliquin to vote for anyone but Boehner. It wasn’t worth his political career to burn a man who personally campaigned for him and turn to a Congressman who is afraid of Terror Babies.

Poliquin is not the renegade freshman that Congressman Justin Amash is, who has been been a problem child for the country club establishment for a few years now. He is a man who has been searching for a political career for a couple of different election cycles and has finally found it.

Politicians will be politicians, nothing less.

Still, there is a lot of outrage from conservatives who were once excited for Poliquin and hopeful after blowing up his phone lines that he might actually be the Congressman they wanted.

Then he voted for the man that nobody wanted.

Time will tell how conservatives will ultimately receive Congressman Poliquin. In all reality, this will likely blow over with most. This is far from the first time that somebody in Republican leadership endured the burning fury of bitter conservatives, only to have that fire turn cold when a Democrat walks into the room. Remember Reince Priebus? Conservatives once wanted to remove him, too.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that times have changed. If this is the case, Congressman Poliquin is going to have put in overtime working to gain the trust of conservative Republicans who feel violated.

Chris Dixon

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