Everyday Mainers, Governor LePage and Political Correctness

The strong re-election numbers for Governor Paul LePage stunned a lot of people who honestly should not have been surprised. Congressman Mike Michaud was never a great Representative, but just another entrenched incumbent who somehow kept winning while everyone in America hates Congress. Eliot Cutler was also again in the race, though did not have an effect like he did in the last gubernatorial election.

The re-election of Governor LePage by a larger number margin while facing a more popular Democratic opponent tells us a number of things. Contrary to popular belief, everyday Mainers don’t subscribe to the Democratic myth that welfare reform and limited government are apart of a war against Middle Class Mainers. It’s actually quite the opposite.

It also tells us that maybe Mainers aren’t so concerned with political correctness.

Democrats lacked a vision and focus, and their entire electoral goal was a personal vendetta against the Governor. In a troublesome economy, Mainers are faced with a number of problems to keep their struggling families above water. Among these problems is not making sure the other 49 are not laughing at a Governor who absolutely refuses to play the disingenuous diplomacy games many in politics play.

Given all his faults, at least there wasn’t guess work involved when wondering how Governor LePage actually felt about any given topic.

Democrats liked to portray to Governor LePage as an embarrassment to Maine, but how many Mainers are actually sitting around their kitchen table balancing an impossible checkbook thinking, “wow, people in California most think we’re a bunch of blunt, redneck morons”?

People don’t care about playing games. This is a fact politicians who live and breathe the game fail to realize. Everyday Mainers don’t wake up swamped in bills and hope that Governor LePage won’t offend some special interest group with a comment like “kiss my butt.” Is it rude? Sure, but it’s not a top concern for those people who just want to survive life.

Hopefully Democrats, for their sake, think long and hard about why they lost. Again. Because if they don’t, this will not be the last time Mainers refuse to play the PC game.

Chris Dixon

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Chris Dixon is a libertarian-leaning writer and managing editor for The Liberty Conservative. In addition to his political writing, he also covers baseball for Cleat Geeks and enjoys writing on a number of other topics ranging on Medium.