Responding To Lois Snowe-Mello’s Attacks

It’s far from the first time I’ve been attacked by someone who is not a fan of my politics or the things I write. We all have our detractors, but not everyone takes it personally. If you’ve followed my blog and Twitter feed for example, you’ll have noticed my criticism of various liberal individuals such as fellow Bangor Daily News blogger Mike Tipping (though more so his employer, the Maine People’s Alliance). Do I personally dislike the individual? Absolutely not, I’ve never had a problem with him on a personal level. Even congratulated him on the recent additions to his family.

But this is the problem in politics. Career politicians take their game too personally. Therein lies another problem, it’s simply a game to them.

The former State Senator posted this Facebook status update in response to my previous blog, “Are Liberty Activists Defrauding The Maine GOP?“:

Now I made Chris Dixon’s nasty hateful blog against mostly Republicans in the Bangor Daily. I am now on his hateful hit list. I am so honored.

At least there’s no guessing at how she really feels. Though it’s disappointing because I never said anything negative about her. The only mention of her in this previous blog was:

The Facebook exchange began on an unrelated foreign policy post made by former Republican State Senator and Brakey For Senate campaign chair Lois Snowe Mello. Alex Titcomb, a liberty activist who has contributed to various campaigns such as Eric Brakey’s State Senate campaign, took a position against intervening abroad against Russia.

Technically she’s right, she made my blog. The only reason she was mentioned however was a point of reference. The article itself had nothing to do with her and rather about Sabattus Republican Town Chairwoman Paulee Willette spreading what she heard about liberty activists defrauding the Maine Republican Party.

Though it is important to note that my “nasty hateful blog” has written about her in the past, giving her a positive review in the 2012 election that she lost. In “Senator Snowe-Mello Understands The Big Picture“, I stated points such as the following:

The Androscoggin County Senator though is a kind woman who is open and will listen to her constituents. A true public servant of the people, she is also one who understands what the unity of her party means to advancing the conservative goals that will make Maine a better place for our children.

As many people looked to their Legislators for leadership, and received nothing, Senator Snowe-Mello took a stand. Displaying unwavering leadership, she voiced her support in favor of the Maine Delegation, which was one in favor of Congressman Ron Paul. Like fellow State Senator Jon Courtney, who is pursuing a future in Congress, she is a Romney supporter who believes that the Ron Paul people should too be included within the Republican Party.

It is for this reason, that Senator Snowe-Mello is a leader in Augusta, and within her party. Fellow members of the Androscoggin County legislative delegation would be wise to follow her lead, as would all legislators.

Republicans should all be winners like Senator Snowe-Mello, who all Senate District #15 voters should vote for. If Mainers continue to look for leadership and intelligent decision making, Senator Snowe-Mello needs to return in 2013 to continue setting a positive example for the future.

Wow. What a hate list from a hate blog.

Responding to another point, apparently my blog is “mostly against Republicans.”

Let’s take a look before my most recent blog that posed a serious question nobody in the Republican Party wants to answer.

*I reposted the editorial Republican Androscoggin County Sheriff candidate Tim Lajoie posted on his official campaign page. I’m not affiliated with Mr. Lajoie’s campaign, but I am a strong supporter of the Republican candidate and every single Republican in Androscoggin County understands the importance of the Sheriff. (Also note articles I wrote in the past supporting Lajoie when he was a Republican candidate for the State Legislature in 2012: “The Lajoie Campaign Standard” and “The High Road In Politics: Principles Over Party.”)

*In “Clash Of The Maine Political Titans: Medicaid Expansion Edition“, I had some strong words for the liberals regarding the Medicaid Expansion debate. One point was that Tipping was hypocritical when complaining about personal attacks after he dug up decades old quotes from Republican legislator Lawrence Lockman, while also calling into question a blog written attacking Republican State Senator Rodney Whittemore. Also note the point when I criticized Dirigo Blue blogger Gerald Weinand for using conservative blogger Matt Gagnon’s serious car accident against him, while noting the hypocritical liberal definition of “murder.”

*In “Will Troy Jackson Call For Obama Impeachment?“, I discussed the hypocrisy of Troy Jackson calling for Republican Governor Paul LePage’s impeachment.

I could ramble on with examples, but the point is clear: while I do have critical things to say about Republicans, I do about Democrats as well. The problem is that these career politicians are playing a game, not fixing Maine’s future. This isn’t about securing a better future for America, it’s about being the winning team. It’s about their party beating the other party.

So yes, I have criticized Republicans on issues ranging from “Penobscotgate” to “The Importance Of The Republican Rules Changes“, but their opponents don’t escape my criticism.

Fortunately, this is America and some of us want to preserve freedom regardless of party affiliation. Of the many freedoms in this country, is the freedom to be a hypocrite and the freedom to be quite incorrect. Though the one blog of many written by one of many libertarians is critical of certain entities, it will always protect the rights these entities enjoy.

That includes former State Senator Lois Snowe-Mello, who I personally have never had an issue before.

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