Mike Michaud Still Has More To Reveal

Representative Mike Michaud made a huge campaign announcement in his run for Governor. Revealing he is gay, he eliminated doubt as to his sexuality. But to repeat his own question, why does it matter? It doesn’t.

The only people Michaud’s sexuality would matter to is social conservatives who are strongly opposed to homosexuality. The problem is realistically these people would never be in his camp anyway.

Despite the fact that the difficult revelation was deeply personal, it has the appearance of being political. Did Michaud make his announcement now to gain a political edge on Governor Paul LePage?

The allegation against unnamed parties was made that whisper campaigns were gearing up to smear him. Smear him how? With the rumor he might be gay. What’s the worst that could happen here? He might actually be gay? It turns out, he really is. So, how is this actually a smear? It wouldn’t have been.

But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if he’s straight, gay, or is interested in both. His sexuality is his own business, not anybody else’s.

Most Mainers aren’t worried about someone’s sexual orientation. His personal life is relevant to a degree, but odds are he won’t be pulling any Bill Clintons. Until he does something to suggest he is unfaithful, judgment should be reserved on his personal life.

On the issues that matter politically, we already know that he is generally a strong ally of President Barack Obama. As Governor, he will likely stand down when faced with an issue from the President, right or wrong. While being decent on civil liberties, he has been awful on fiscal matters. These are the points people need to seriously review when considering him as an alternative to Paul LePage.

These rumors of his homosexuality are nothing new. As someone who was a life-long Republican until recently, I’ve personally heard rumors and rumblings of it repeatedly for years. If it was just the same political rumors opponents spread, it should’ve been ignored. Don’t give small minds and soft whispers any credibility by offering attention.

But then, maybe these rumors weren’t being advanced by a couple people talking politics over a few beers at the bar, or others floating a possibility in an Internet forum. Was the whisper campaign against Mike Michaud something more?

The evidence seemed to suggest the latter. Why did Mike Michaud decide it was time to finally break the silence? It wasn’t just to simply get it off his chest, as he made it clear that it was to undermine those who wished to use the rumors against him. Had the Michaud Campaign received information that Republican operatives were preparing a quiet push to smear him? That part is not clear.

Maine’s Second District Congressman was correct when he stated his sexuality doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. But what does matter is the timing of his announcement. He has been open finally about who he is personally, but why now? What pushed him to do so now after being a Republican target for years? It was obviously a significant threat, because Representative Michaud would not use his sexuality for political gain. So let’s get some more answers.

Michaud has more revelations waiting for us. We’re waiting, Congressman.

Chris Dixon

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