Maine GOP: Edward Snowden is a “Traitor”

In the weeks since NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden sounded the alarm on massive spying programs within the United States Government, he has been a controversial topic in political discourse. Despite the clear violations of constitutional rights to privacy and oversteps of proper boundaries of government, some still feel the leaks were wrong.

The Maine Republican Party, via it’s official Facebook page, stated:

Snowden went to China and Russia. Those nations would love to get their hands on secrets Snowden has admitted he stole from our nation in order to release. He isnt a hero. He is a traitor.

Unfortunately, the Maine Republican Party has very little understanding of international relations. Keeping in mind that there is zero evidence he has had any contact with the Chinese or Russian Governments, it is necessary for him to flee to an unfriendly country. If Snowden hid in a country friendly with the United States Government, he would have been easily extradited and facing what many fear would be an “unfair trial.” Thus, going to places like Hong Kong (not China) and Russia, are necessary only for his safety. The implication that Snowden has communicated with either government regarding secrets is, in the absence of proof, false.

What Edward Snowden did do, however, is offer transparency that has lacked under President Barack Obama. Is the Maine Republican Party in the business of defending President Obama and his assault on the civil liberties of all Americans?

Chris Dixon

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