Representative Rich Cebra Announces Candidacy for Maine GOP Chair

As noted previously in the Undercover Porcupine article “The Underground War For Maine Republican Chair”, State Representative Rich Cebra has been rumored to be seeking the position of Maine Republican Chairman. When asked for a response, he only said it was being considered, but that his focus was on electing Republican candidates. Given it was in the final days of an election cycle, it was the proper thing to do. But now that it has passed, the chair race is the next big story. As for the rumors, they are no longer rumors. Representative Cebra has revealed in a Facebook post that he has e-mailed members of the State Committee to announce his candidacy.

Representative Cebra has become a leader in the Maine Republican Party for his willingness to stand up for principle, even when it isn’t always popular. He is an honest man who has worked hard in his years of public service to advance the interests of Mainers. It is rumored, although not yet confirmed, that he even has the support of Governor Paul LePage for the chairmanship, which is a race now wide open as current chairman Charlie Webster has announced he will not seek re-election in December.

In the letter to the State Committee, Representative Cebra noted his experience in the Republican Party when explaining why he believes he would be the best candidate for the job. As a State Representative and former county chair, he has the experience in advancing principles and uniting people to achieve common goals.

Representative Cebra describes these principles and goals in his letter when he explains what Republicans believe in:

We believe in free enterprise; we harbor a deep and abiding concern for individual liberty; we a hold reverence for the right of every individual to pursue their American dream and we value our Maine and United States Constitutions as the foundation to the America we love and deserve. It is time to return to our principles. It is time to unite, not to be divided, and it is well past time that we go out as a united front and communicate these fundamental principles to the people of Maine.

There has been praise since the announcement from conservative activists and mainstream Republicans, as well as libertarians and Tea Partiers. Patrick Calder, who endorsed Congressman Ron Paul before the February caucuses, offered his support as well. Calder, who was a candidate in the Republican primaries against State Senator Jon Courtney for the Congressional District #1 nomination, was at the time Portland City Republican Chairman.

Calder stated in a post on his Facebook page:

This afternoon I learned that Rep. Rich Cebra is seeking the Chairmanship of the Maine Republican Party. I can think of no better candidate for that office at this time, and Rep. Cebra has my complete and total support in his bid. While I’m still currently at sea, I will be doing all I can prior to that election to see Rich take over and begin leading our state party and I know that under his leadership we can look forward to a successful 2014 where we build upon the success of 2010 and learn from our defeats of 2012.

In a time of division and civil war, there seems to be a point of unity finally within the Maine Republican Party. Representative Rich Cebra, with the support of Governor Paul LePage, can bring the many wings of the feuding party together. As shown by the generally positive response thus far, mainstream Republicans can finally agree with the libertarians, and moderates have found common ground with the Tea Party. If this is a show of things to come, then the party is in good hands under Representative Cebra. He hasn’t even won yet, and he’s uniting the party for the better.

Chris Dixon

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