Undercover Porcupine Election Coverage

Welcome to the official election coverage at Undercover Porcupine. Keep an eye on this post and all election-related articles and updates will be coming in here.

“Election Night Live-Blog” (starting at 8pm)
As the polls close and the results begin to roll in, my thoughts will be logged here. This is in addition to any major stories that will be discussed in Election Night articles. 

Ten Major Must-Follow Election Day Storylines
As the results begin to roll in on Election Night, there are a number of intriguing stories that will be unfolding. Featured, are ten key, major storylines that are must-follows that will have influence on the future of Maine politics.

Undercover Porcupine Maine Legislative Endorsements
Here are the official endorsements for the Maine Legislature from Undercover Porcupine writer Chris Dixon. These endorsements are his personal endorsements, are not on behalf of any affiliated organization, including the Tenth Amendment Center.

Chris Dixon

About Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is a libertarian-leaning writer and managing editor for The Liberty Conservative. In addition to his political writing, he also covers baseball for Cleat Geeks and enjoys writing on a number of other topics ranging on Medium.