Undercover Porcupine Maine Legislative Endorsements

For a little over a month now, Undercover Porcupine has offered a perspective on Maine and national politics from a libertarian-leaning Republican. Just ahead of the general election, here are a series of endorsements of candidates running for the Maine State Legislature.

These individuals are principled leaders who will lead admirably in Augusta. It is time we steer more towards limited government, transparency in our actions, and sound fiscal policies. We need legislators who will show a willingness to take a stand on the issues that matter, regardless of their level of popularity or acceptance. Right is right.

Please look further into these candidates and help support them. If you live in these districts, they need your help as we enter the last days of this cycle. We need to ensure these individuals are in Augusta next year!

5: Michael Willette (R)
7: Alexander Willette (R)
15: Samuel Canders (R)
45: Ryan Harmon (R)
52: Deb Sanderson (R)
62: Kyle Rogers (R)
67: Corey Troup (R)
73: Larry Poulin (R)
74: Timothy Lajoie (R)
80: Melvin Newendyke (R)
88: Larry Dunphy (R)
98: Roxy Hagerman (R)
103: Michael McClellan (R)
105: Eleanor Espling (R)
112: John Jones (R)
118: Kevin Casey (R)
119: Gwendolyne Tuttle (R)
120: Davian Akers (R)
122: Thomas Sarbanis (R)
126: Matthew Maloney (R)
128: Heather Sirocki (R)
139: Aaron Libby (R)
145: Beth O’Connor (R)

MAINE SENATE (By District)
15: Lois Snowe-Mello (R)
16: Robert Reed (R)

Chris Dixon

About Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is a libertarian-leaning writer. In addition to writing "Undercover Porcupine", he is also the Managing Editor for The Liberty Conservative and writes for Cleat Geeks and Medium.