Senator Snowe-Mello Understands The Big Picture

Senator Lois Snowe-Mello is an individual who Ron Paul supporters don’t always agree with. One example is her vote earlier this year in favor of five bonds, which is essentially debt. The Androscoggin County Senator though is a kind woman who is open and will listen to her constituents. A true public servant of the people, she is also one who understands what the unity of her party means to advancing the conservative goals that will make Maine a better place for our children. To this, Ron Paul people and non-Ron Paul people can respect her for understanding the big picture.

Much was said this year, both statewide and nationally, about the internal party struggles the Maine Republican Party faced. The caucuses were a mess, the convention was open war, and the delegation was tug-of-war. Eruption after eruption was well-publicized by the media who seizes issues like this and will run with it. While many regular Republicans wished to continue on pushing their candidates, local, state, and national, the National Delegation became a distraction. Disgruntled ousted National Committeewoman Jan Staples and Mitt Romney presidential campaign chair Peter Cianchette launched a last-minute delegation challenge that distracted the entire state from combating the liberal agenda and expanding the Republican majorities. It was the establishment vs. grassroots. But did the Maine Delegation really matter that much?

As many people looked to their Legislators for leadership, and received nothing, Senator Snowe-Mello took a stand. Displaying unwavering leadership, she voiced her support in favor of the Maine Delegation, which was one in favor of Congressman Ron Paul. Like fellow State Senator Jon Courtney, who is pursuing a future in Congress, she is a Romney supporter who believes that the Ron Paul people should too be included within the Republican Party.

The internal politics will never go away. It’s impossible. But it doesn’t have to be about ousting the establishment or the “wing nuts” causing trouble. Everyone can work together. This is why Senator Snowe-Mello supported the Maine Delegation.

For months, the Ron Paul grassroots coordinated with the presidential campaign leadership to build a structure in every county that would turn out delegates to the February caucuses. It is no easy task to turn out over a thousand delegates, checks in hand, and be educated to engage in the process productively and respectfully. But it happened. Then come the convention, the Ron Paul people’s hard work paid off when their turnout overcame the establishment turnout. It was a fair fight and it was a just victory. With hard work, there was a winner. Isn’t this what the Republican Party believes in? Hard work over hand outs? The Paul people worked for the delegation spots.

What Senator Snowe-Mello has stated is that the new recruits to the Republican Party represent growth. It is no secret that the liberty following is dominantly young. The libertarian trio from Portland, discussed in the article “Akers, Casey, Tuttle: The Republican Winning Team in Portland”, are all young and could be helping advance conservative principles in the Legislature come next year. Senator Snowe-Mello does not want to alienate the likes of Akers, Casey, or Tuttle, who are helping advance the Republican Party.

Everything was much bigger than just a National Delegation. It’s about the bigger picture. America is at a crossroads and within days, the country will make a series of important decisions on multiple levels that will play a significant impact on the future of our children. For the right decisions to be made, the Republican Party must remain united. It is for this reason, that Senator Snowe-Mello is a leader in Augusta, and within her party. Fellow members of the Androscoggin County legislative delegation would be wise to follow her lead, as would all legislators. Republicans need to be wise when making decisions in inter-party politics, because unnecessary chaos will create division that will lead to electoral loss. Republicans should all be winners like Senator Snowe-Mello, who all Senate District #15 voters should vote for. If Mainers continue to look for leadership and intelligent decision making, Senator Snowe-Mello needs to return in 2013 to continue setting a positive example for the future.

Chris Dixon

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