GOP National Committeeman Willis Was Right in 2008

Back in 2008, long before the Ron Paul uprising and becoming National Committeeman for the Maine Republican Party, Mark Willis was just an everyday conservative trying to save the country he served from being taken down by socialist interests. In 2008, just before the presidential election that saw then-Senator Barack Obama crush Senator John McCain, Willis went after the Democratic presidential candidate heavily. One must ask, where were the Republican leaders when the papers needed to be filled with these same warnings?

The 2008 Bangor Daily News Op-Ed, titled “Obama failed Joe the Plumber’s test”, Willis made these simple observations about the general mindset of the American population:

Most Americans know and have a deep appreciation for the fact that no country has shed more blood, more treasure, so that others may be free, including ourselves. Therefore we have no business being ashamed to be Americans. Those who would wish for us to do so do not look at the country the same way you and I do. They have some “other” vision for America — something like a “hybrid” government of Europe, Cuba and Venezuela. Sorry, no thanks.

I may be only 39 years old, but I can still remember my parents complaining a lot about the direction of our nation in the late 1970s: high inflation, high interest rates and a government led by individuals with a serious lack of self-esteem who believed America’s best days were behind us. Who wants that again? To be led by a bunch of sad sack politicians apologizing for America’s “mistakes”? Sorry, no thanks.

Most Americans want to elect leaders. In these desperate times, both domestically and abroad, America needs confident and unwavering leaders. President Obama has proved that he is not that individual.

Willis warned America about Bill Ayers, former leader of the radical organization Weather Underground, when he stated:

We can do better than that. Again, I believe most Americans feel the same way. So you would think launching a political campaign in the living room of the domestic terrorist William Ayers should have opened America’s eyes about Sen. Obama. Yes, Mr. Ayers, a professor who subscribes to the “hybrid” government model or even worse. But alas, the polls tell us this does not matter either.

He also made note of the troubling connection to the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Beyond that, an important point was made by 2008 election cycle political celebrity Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher and echoed by Willis:

Why? Enter from stage right Joe the Plumber. By asking Sen. Obama his question, Joe was simply trying to determine if Sen. Obama was going to encourage or inhibit his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And are we all not asking ourselves the same question?

The question’s answer was clear in 2008 as soon as it was asked, when then-Senator Obama refused to inspire confidence. He did not and continues not to respect the founding principles of this great nation. The Obama Presidency has further reinforced that, with support for legislation like the USA PATRIOT Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, which featured indefinite detention clauses that violate constitutional due process of law. This is not what those who fought and died for our nation had in mind for the post-Revolutionary era.

To answer the question of Wurzelbacher and Willis, Yes, Obama has and will continue to work against the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is every reason why Americans must continue to work towards shifting government away from the dangerous socialist policies that some candidates and organizations will advance. Our country was created as a Republic for a reason. Now as Republican National Committeeman, Willis looks to help lead the Republican Party in the battle against these harmful policies that could hurt the country and jeopardize the prosperity of not only his children, but everybody’s children. The future is at stake once again.

Chris Dixon

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