Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Republican Primary Legacy: Debt Hypocrisy (Minus Ron Paul)

Fiscal conservatism was all the rage in the heated Republican presidential primary, with talk of Balanced Budget Amendments and stopping the socialist agenda of President Barack Obama that is spending our children into debt slavery. Whether or not the individuals in the race meant it was often in question, with supporters digging deep into the […]

Joining New Jersey and Oklahoma, Maine To Nullify in 2013

Yesterday afternoon, the Tenth Amendment Center released a news article covering new nullification trends for 2013. Nullification has been a rising trend in America over the last couple decades. The first major modern example is with medical marijuana, which many states have legalized in defiance of federal law that prohibits all use of marijuana, medical […]

Prominent Ron Paul National Delegate Endorses Mitt Romney

In a stunning turn of events recently, established Maine businesswoman and Ron Paul-supporting National Delegate to the Republican National Convention Linda Bean endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Her endorsement is significant because of her position in the liberty movement and the Republican Party. For decades, she has has been a hardworking Republican, fundraising to help […]