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I apologize for missing the debate last week, I was out of state for a panel discussion that ended during the debate. Tonight, however, I will be plugging away with my thoughts as the  final presidential debate unfolds. Please come back here and refresh has time goes on, I will update with my reaction as time goes on.

Thank you and come look at things from a libertarian-leaning perspective!


Another debate of soundbites, talking points, and everything we’ve heard before. I call a draw, or both the winners. America certainly lost this debate, as they have every single one this general election.

When did President Obama join Seal Team 6?

Seriously, what has happened to the laws of science? The Democrat is sounding more pro-Israel than the Republican. Usually it’s the other way around, with the Republican using Israel more times in a sentence than America.

President Obama is providing for the veterans so much when they come home that the rate of active duty and retired troop suicides are at historic highs. This is not leadership, Mr. President.

Well, this debate got off topic in a hurry. But then, math is important when it comes to foreign policy. If anybody in Washington D.C. knew how to add numbers, they’d see our interventionist policies are ruining our country’s economy with the skyrocketing war debt. But hey, I’m no economist…

“We need a strong military, so I will not cut our military budget.” What Mitt Romney said here is that higher spending is synonymous with better results. Please Romney, tell me again about how with all our debt, we have the best education programs in the world and the most efficient government on the planet.

Mitt Romney supports human rights. Mitt Romney would also sign the National Defense Authorization Act. Like President Obama did. This requires no comment.

Debt is a national security problem. The problem is, both parties are reliable contributors to this security hole.

Listen, President Obama. You cannot refer to John F. Kennedy while both you and your opponent compete to pull off the best Lyndon B. Johnson foreign policy impression. It doesn’t work.

Romney was half right. We don’t need to involve our military in Syria and we shouldn’t. But we also don’t need to be instigating another regime change. It never works.

How many times have we armed opposition and watched them NOT become friends? Both of these candidates, again, have no understanding of what really is going on in the world. And yet one of them is going to be commander-in-chief.

President Obama is repeating the process that has been done for years. We give lawyers, guns, and money to enemy countries’ rebels, watch them shed blood, take down the government, and then let them decide their own fate. How well has that worked out? I discussed earlier today in my new article, “On Foreign Policy: Obama and Romney Don’t Get It.

Wow! The Democrat dropped “Israel” in a foreign policy debate before the Republican! The laws of gravity are about to be reversed…

Somebody call the ambulance. President Obama is beating down the former Governor. Both he and Romney are wrong though. The greatest threat is not Russia or Al Qaeda. It’s China. The fact that one of these two men are supposed to secure our nation is unsettling.

Romney makes it sound like the chaos happened over night. Read history, sir. There’s been a murderous frenzy since the beginning of time. Of course more recently, removing Saddam Hussein from power and overthrowing his firm secular regime did create a new hotbed for extremist Muslims. Good job, President Bush.

How is President Obama going to survive a foreign policy discussion without Candy Crowley to save him?

Radical Islam! Extremism! Please read Michael Scheuer, Mitt Romney. Here’s his website:

I have some thoughts on foreign policy. In the time before the debate, if you have not checked it out yet, please read my latest article, “On Foreign Policy: Obama And Romney Don’t Get It.”

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