Prominent Ron Paul National Delegate Endorses Mitt Romney

In a stunning turn of events recently, established Maine businesswoman and Ron Paul-supporting National Delegate to the Republican National Convention Linda Bean endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Her endorsement is significant because of her position in the liberty movement and the Republican Party. For decades, she has has been a hardworking Republican, fundraising to help advance the party, as well as even running twice for the U.S. House of Representatives. As far as the Ron Paul movement goes, she was a National Delegate elected as part of the slate of candidates presented by the Ron Paul presidential campaign state leadership. When the campaign passed, the leadership transitioned into the Defense of Liberty PAC, which added Bean to their Board of Advisers roster and received more than $11,000 in donations from her since June 8.

In Bean’s letter, which described Obama as “HITERLIAN”, she went on to say:

Romney/Ryan will have my vote this time. I hope you will not feel I have failed you. My late husband Verne Jones was born on a Maine farm on the Jones Road in Windsor and worked it his whole life, his grandfather Cunningham before him. Before he died in 1985, he asked me to never to let it grow back to woods, and my sons and I never have. My photos below show you how it looked last Sunday morning, thanks to neighboring dairy farmer, hardworking Danny Tibbetts who has 168 cows and grows his hay and corn here to feed them. Do I want OBAMA to take that away from him? NO! This article gives us, in an agrarian state, real reason to pause and think very hard about how to vote. Here is a compelling difference between Obama and Romney that affects our Maine farmers and, indeed, all American farmland.

The government must NOT take into its bureaucratic fiefdom our food land — the most basic means of production of a free people. Washington bureaucrats and cronies do not know how to how to ride a tractor or pull a carrot! Their “carrot concept” is to dangle “carrots” in front of inadequately educated people to put more of America on welfare, saying we will be a stronger, healthier nation for doing so.

Do not sacrifice America’s family farms by sacrificing your vote and waking up in 4 weeks to 4 more years of OBAMA! If he is elected because we default to a write-in or to a third party candidate, and you thinking right now that we will have another chance for a Ron Paul liberty candidate in 4 years, please think further. America as we know it may well be gone in 4 years. I have lived 71 years, fighting this thing the last 45, and the light of American liberty is nearly out. Right now it is time to put Romney/Ryan in between or we extinguish it completely!

Linda Bean is correct in the fact that President Obama’s policies have been hurtful to America. He has continued the policies of war, which have been ongoing and increasing under every administration since Jimmy Carter. President Obama also has brought previous administrations’ preference to excessive spending to an extreme. The problems he has created for the economy are significant and it has not helped America.

On the same note, however, the Republican scare tactic against third party votes is easily voided by logic. The common argument against anything outside of the two-party paradigm is that it leads to the “other guy” getting elected. Beyond Ross Perot in 1992 and Ralph Nader in 2000, what third party presidential candidate has made a dent in the general election? In 2008, Barack Obama had more than double the electoral votes than Republican John McCain, while beating McCain in the popular vote by more than seven percentage points. Third party candidates combined were less than two percent of the popular vote, while lacking a single electoral vote. Even if every single third party voter had a change of heart and gone for McCain, Barack Obama still would’ve run away with the general election.

While it is doubtful that Bean’s intent was malicious, it is still a dishonest move by Republicans to utilize scare tactics against potential third party voters instead of attempting to persuade them to support their own candidate. If Mitt Romney has a solid record to run on and is a lock to fix this country that has been an economic disaster for decades, then why do we even need to invoke Godwin’s Law in a political discussion? Romney’s record alone should win people over.

Chris Dixon

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