Romney Supporter Chuck Norris’s “Online Fantasy World”

By now, everyone has heard about the controversy surrounding Colleen Lachowicz. And by everyone, the definition includes every ear from California to Britain. Maine Republican Party Communications Director David Sorensen has become one of the most controversial figures in Maine politics because of his persistent mudslinging and preference for dirty politics. While he seized comments that were vulgar and fair game from the Democratic candidate’s blog, he also placed a large focus on the fact she plays World of Warcraft. Citing a phantom study, uncited, the Maine Republican Party’s website “Colleen’s World” claims the average Level 85 player spends 22.7 hours per week. Sorensen has also stated that she lives a “time-consuming double life” as a player.

Now we all know who Chuck Norris is. Mr. Norris is a well-known actor, martial artist, and the center of some of the most overused jokes on the Internet. He is also a strong Republican, who enthusiastically supported former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in 2008 and has now come out strong again in 2012. Giving strong endorsements of Mitt Romney, he has stated that it is absolutely necessary to remove President Barack Obama from office. Beyond his words, he and his wife have also made a video, warning that there will be a thousand years of darkness, if the President is re-elected. He is a strong Republican, indeed.

Welcome to the “online fantasy world” of Chuck Norris, a big player of World of Warcraft, who also appeared in a series of advertisements for Blizzard Entertainment in 2011 in support of the video game.

Does the Maine Republican Party leadership believe that one of the biggest celebrity endorsements of their party’s nominee lives a “time-consuming double life” because he plays World of Warcraft and even put his face in advertising for it, something Wachowicz has not done?

Mitt Romney winning in less than five months, believing President Obama is bad for America, and the idea that conservative principles must continue to run strong, must be apart of an “online fantasy world.”

But then, this probably was not the point of Sorensen or any of his superiors who approved or failed to reject this campaign, or have failed to step up after it blew up in leadership’s face. Chuck Norris, who endorsed their candidate, was not the focus. Colleen Lachowicz, who is running against Thomas Martin of District #25, is the focus. Lachowicz plays World of Warcraft.

But so does Chuck Norris.

The point is however, that this scheme hatched by the Republican Party leadership was either completely ignorant of the fact their own party includes members of the gaming community or they just didn’t care about where they were firing. Somebody just wanted to go out blazing.

People are offended because they are gamers, others are ashamed to be associated with this new standard of political warfare. One individual on the Maine Republican Party official facebook page even stated he would go Independent if this was how games would be played. That is the legacy that these tactics is creating.

So the question still lingers, as it has all throughout 2012: When will the Maine Republican Party stop breeding failure and feeding alienating tactics that serve to shrink their party? Leadership obviously lives in a fantasy world of it’s own. Webster, Sorensen, whoever else is involved.

Lachowicz’s “online fantasy world”? Chuck Norris’s “online fantasy world”? Let’s discuss the most interesting “online fantasy world” of the State Republican leadership that believes it can “get away with crude, vicious…comments”, as certain members of said leadership live a “time-consuming double life” as political hitmen, worthy of being an Orc assassin.

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